CART Captioning

Provided for meetings, conventions, workshops,
educational classes, teleconferences, religious services, keynote addresses, ceremonies, sporting events, legal proceedings, webcasts, YouTube,
fieldtrips & tours

Remote CART captioning

Providing live captioning through the internet where the CART captioner is not present onsite

Remote Streaming Text Demo

Online Media Captioning

We can embed captions into YouTube, Webcasts, Webinars, WebEx, Zoom, etc.

French Captioning

We have French CART captioners available to provide live French CART captioning.

Stadium captioning

We can provide captioning to fans onsite in stadiums and/or arenas.

Simultaneous captioning in different languages

While providing live captions in English, we can also provide simultaneous captions in many other different languages.

We have a number of security features but it all depends on how you use our services.

Many features are available when setting up the event to add more security.

We are GDPR compliant too (which does not cover Canada) but is a good framework for data security and privacy used in the EU.

  • Password protection for all events
  • Restrict access to authenticated users - Force login by selected customers allowed to view event. Username and password for each account.  Track number of logins per user account.
  • Support OAuth authentication for customers. Use Google accounts as alternate to creating customer accounts.
  • Fully encrypted data delivery from captioner to customer (does require HTTPS be used for link)
  • GUID event name generation to create event names that cannot be guessed
  • SSL encryption/Force HTTPS - ability to only allow StreamText link to be viewed with HTTPS link
  • Text files by default are not saved to the StreamText servers, however if they are we do encrypt them for storage (I would have to add this feature before the event took place)
  • Role based management for all system users - Security is built into framework for access control
  • We can create complex URLs to access the streaming text, which are more complex than the standard URLs
  • Destruction of data after the event. All files are deleted by the CART captioners after the event and are not saved.
  • CART captioners must comply with and adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics and Confidentiality Guidelines of, and maintain membership in, provincial and national professional associations by attaining the required continuing education credits, and other mandatory requirements, to remain in good standing.
  • For more information on the Code of Professional Ethics (COPE) and Confidentiality Guidelines, please click on this link NCRA-Code-of-Professional-Ethics

Live remote steno CART captioning in French & English. Photos courtesy of International Reporting Inc.